Fund Raina Kabaivanska

  • Sofia Municipality

    Sofia Municipality

    The Mayor of Sofia Mrs. Yordanka Fandakova and the team of Sofia Municipality support the cause of Raina Kabaivanska and New Bulgarian University to discover new talents and to work for their enhancement and development.

    During the Charity Gala Concert on December 18-th, 2014 in honor of 80th Anniversary of Raina Kabaivanska, she was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Sofia.

    In 2014 Sofia municipality set up an annual scholarship for one of the participants in the Master Classes of Raina Kabaivanska. The scholarship holders for 2014 and 2015 are Roxana Herrera (Chile) and Kostadin Mechkov (Bulgaria). The scholarships awards were presented by Raina Kabaivanska during the Gala concert after the International Master Class of the great opera actress.

  • Fantastico

    Chain Stores “Fantastico” was founded in 1991 by opening the first supermarket of the chain at 72 Oborischte Street. Thus the company began its development and today it operates 37 supermarkets
    All supermarkets of the chain are built in conformity with the world trends and local normative requirements in respect to the equipment and service. They are distinguished by specific modern vision of the interior that provides exclusiveness, warmth, coziness and comfort of each shop.

    “Fantastico” retail outlets employ more than 2 800 persons and each of them has a chance for professional carrier and development.

    The company is sponsoring in different ways and supports foundations, children’s houses, sports events; it is a general sponsor of “Fantastico Open” bowling tournaments and other events of public importance.


  • America for Bulgaria Foundation

    America for Bulgaria Foundation provides opportunities for people and organizations who serve the public good with their vision and enthusiasm.
    With absolute respect to the current Bulgarian context, our team of experts are identifying areas of improvement that can create change in Bulgaria.Those who stand out from the crowd with their potential and personality find a way to grow and excel the right way. American optimism draws the missing line between Bulgarian potential and its achievements. By supporting those who stand out, America for Bulgaria Foundation sets the stage for sustainable growth.

  • „VinoVino“

     VinoVino is a charming piano-bistro in the centre of Sofia. Its garden is vibrant, its interior – unexpected. The food is delicious and various, homemade gourmet style. The service is natural and light. The wine is abundant. It brings sense of cosiness and freedom.

  • Bulgarian National Television (BNT)

    The Bulgarian National Television (BNT) was founded in 1959 and it was the first television service to broadcast on the territory of Bulgaria. Currently BNT operates on the basis of the ‘Radio and Television Act’ promulgated in the State Gazette, issue 138/1998. Under the Act, BNT is a legal entity based in Sofia and it is the national public service broadcaster and communications operator.As a public service broadcaster, the main purpose of BNT is to deliver a broad range of news and programming that keeps its audience informed about important issues and events in the areas of politics, economics, business, culture, science and education. Through its programming policy, BNT protects national interests and values, science and education; and represents the cultural heritage of all Bulgarian citizens, irrespective of their ethnicity. BNT caters for the diverse ideas and beliefs within society by reflecting the many different points of view and encouraging mutual understanding and tolerance in the relations between people.BNT has the commitment to produce a broad spectrum of national and regional programmes including ones about other countries, societies and cultures around the world; programmes that meet the needs of Bulgarian citizens whose mother-tongue is not Bulgarian, by the inclusion of original content in their own language; and programmes that keep Bulgarians living abroad up-to date with events in their home country.BNT operates four regional production centres in the cities of Blagoevgard, Varna, Plovdiv and Rousse.In 1999, BNT launched the satellite channel ‘TV Bulgaria’ designed mainly for Bulgarians living abroad. In 2008, ‘TV Bulgaria’ began broadcasting 24 hours a day and is available in Europe, parts of Africa and Asia, the USA, Canada and the whole of South America. At the end of 2010, the channel was renamed ‘BNT World’.Channel BNT2 was launched in 2011. It pooled together the programming of the four regional centres. It is available free-to-air in the major cities in Bulgaria.


    BNT HD is a Bulgarian state-owned television channel, operated by the Bulgarian National Television, airing exclusively in high-definition (HDTV). It was launched on February 6, 2014 with the start of the Sochi 2014 Olympic Games. Beforehand BNT use to air sports events as the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the London 2012 Olympics in HD on temporary HD channels which used to upscail the BNT 1 channel. In 2014 the national television decided to launch BNT HD as a fully scheduled channel. BNT HD airs free-to-air on the Bulgarian DVB-T platform.

    BNT gives its viewers the benefit of emerging communications technologies and services and it was one of the earliest Bulgarian Media on the ‘World Wide Web’. Its website, bnt.bg, has been operative since the late 1990s. Through a button on the website, access to live streaming has been offered since 2010.


  • Grand Hotel Sofia


    Grand Hotel Sofia is one of the most prestigious hotels in Sofia. Business guests benefit from its close proximity to main administrative, financial and commercial areas.
    Art-lovers and food connoisseurs alike will appreciate the hotel gallery and its fine-dining Shades of Red restaurant.
    The Hotel is a stylish residence in a prime location with a welcoming and dedicated staff that will ensure your stay will exceed your expectations. Throughout the years Grand Hotel Sofia has accommodated a remarkable variety of international celebrities and dignitaries.
    The Hotel is easily accessible from Sofia International Airport (10 km).