Raina Kabaivanska. The Greatest European Work of Art of All Times


Raina Kabaivanska will take part in the creation of a documentary on the greatest European work of art. The film is part of the events of the europalia.europa 2007 initiative and will present the vision of artists emblematic of the cultural sphere of every European Member State.
Europalia 2007 will take place in Brussels in October 2007. All Member States of EU are invited for participation. The aim is the joint celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the cultural diversity of Europe.
Every participant in the movie will present its thoughts on “the greatest European work of art of all times”. In the documentary will also participate Patrice Chereau and Pedro Almodóvar.
The interview with Mrs. Raina Kabaivanska will be shot in the following week of March, at Arena di Verona, which opens its door specially for the Bulgarian diva.