Raina Kabaivanska - "Una vita per la Musica"

 ph. Alessandro D

During a gorgeous ceremony in Italian town Loreto the legendary world opera actress Raina Kabaivanska was awarded the prize “Una vita per la Musica” (A Life devoted to Music). The significant event was held at Santa Casa Basilica – an emblematic place for dedicated Catholics. The ceremony was followed by a concert for the opening of the music festival “Marche musica”. Four prominent students of Raina Kabaivanska took part in the concert: Shin Je Celeste Bang, Davide Yonghyun Ryu, Valevàrr Varriale and Marco Simonelli.

Shin Je Celeste Bang and Davide Yonghyun Ryu are participants in 2015 Master Class of Raina Kabaivanska in Sofia and both are already among the most popular young performers from the School of the famous Bulgarian soprano.
(Photo by Alessandro D'Angelo - Copyright Ass. Marche Musica - 2016)

This year Master Class of Raina Kabaivanska, organized by New Bulgarian University will take place in September (8-25) at Sofia Opera and Ballet House.

For registration: http://www.rainakabaivanska.net/en/master-classes/application-form