Raina Kabaivanska - Honorary Citizen of Osimo

ph: Bruno Severini

Osimo, May 19, 2017.

During an official ceremony on the stage of La Nuova Fénice Theater Raina Kabaivanska was awarded the title "Honorary Citizen of Osimo”. She received congratulations from the Mayor of the city Mr. Simone Pugnaloni and from the Ambassador of the Republic of Bulgaria Mr. Marin Raykov.
"When I arrived in Italy, I was lucky, because the old teachers of the Italian school were still alive, and I learned from them. I am very proud to be able to pass on my experience to these wonderful young people, because our young people are very gifted and we have to support them, we should love them”, said Raina Kabiavanska, who has been conducting for years her Master Classes at Osimo Music Academy.