Fund Raina Kabaivanska

To help young performers,
who are artistically gifted – that is
my duty and the purpose of this fund.”
Raina Kabaivanska

      In 2001 Raina Kabaivanska held her first Master Class in Bulgaria at NBU for perfection of young opera singers. In 2002, based on the idea of Prof. Bogdan Bogdanov, D.Sc. and George Tekev, PhD Raina Kabaivanska also founded a scholarship fund at NBU with a personal
donation as a continuation of her charitable activities in Bulgaria. The Fund awards scholarships to the most eminent participants in the master classes to support their further education in Bulgaria and Italy and to help them at the beginning of their international career. The
scholarships are allocated by Raina Kabaivanska at the end of each master class and are announced at a Gala concert ceremony of the winners.

     Since its inception, Raina Kabaivanska Fund has awarded more than 90 scholarships to young opera singers.

     Raina Kabaivanska Fund is formed by sponsorships, funding and donations from individuals and organizations in two categories: general sponsors – those who provide full scholarships and donors who offer partial scholarships. Over the years the sponsors have included Sofia Municipality, America for Bulgaria Foundation, Fantastico Retail Chain, friends and supporters.


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