Fondo Raina Kabaivanska

  • The Sofia Philharmonic

    The Sofia Philharmonic established itself as one of the leading institutes in the musical life of Bulgaria,
    representative of our entire modern musical culture. The high artistic achievements and the active
    concert activity in our country and around the world attract both the traditional audience and young
    followers of classical music. With its rich creative history, the Sofia Philharmonic has undergone a long,
    intense artistic growth associated with the names of distinguished musical figures. The orchestra works
    with the biggest names on the Bulgarian and world classical scene.


    A loyal friend of Raina Kabaivanska Master Class, the orchestra also works with many of the Maestra  established students, including Maria Radoeva, Reinaldo Droz, Davide Riou, Alexandrina Mihailova and others. In 2022, the Philharmonic is pleased to welcome the XXII Мaster class in the halls of the Bulgaria Concert Hall.