Modena celebrates Raina Kabaivanska

ph. Fabio Ceppelli


Modena celebrated Raina Kabaivanska's 84th birthday with a Gala concert of her students Reinaldo Droz and Chiara Isotton at St. Vincent Church. The Mayor of the city Gian Carlo Muzzarelli, the President of “Vecchi-Tonelli” Music Institute Donatella Pieri, Paolo Cavicchioli – the President of Cassa di Risparimo di Modena Foundation, Мaria Carafioli - the President of Modenamoremio Foundation and other official guests awarded Raina Kabaivanska insignia of honour dedicated to the triple occasion – her birthday, 60-th anniversary of her debut in Italy and 15 years actively operating Music Institute “Vecchi-Tonelli”, co-founded by Kabaivanska and Luciano Pavarotti. 

for the School of Raina Kabaivanska from Modena: Fabio Ceppelli
photos: Chiara Isotton, Fabio Ceppelli, Marily Santoro